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The TLB's History

The backhoe loader was invented by Josef Cyril Bamford in the UK, 1953. He equipped a farm tractor with a backhoe and a front-mounted loading bucket. When both the backhoe and loader is attached it's almost never called a tractor, even though it's based on a tractor.

A backhoe loader is not generally used for towing and doesn't have a power take-off. It usually has a seat that can swivel if permanently attached. The seat can swivel to the rear to face the hoe controls. If not permanently attached it has a separate seat on the attachment itself.
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The hydraulic backhoe was invented by Waino Haupinen and Roy Handy in Hubbardston Massachusetts. The formed the Waine-Roy company manufactured agricultural implements for tractors.
Their design was first marketed under the Sherman Power Digger label but then as a Waine-Roy product. Connecticut Light and Power was the first company to buy the first commercial unit in 1947. The unit was to be mounted on a Ford 8N tractor. The design has changed very little as it is seen today. The Wain-Roy name is still used by the Woods Equipment Company for their backhoe attachment product line.

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The backhoe is commonly referred to as a JCBs in Brittain and Ireland due to the company being the inventor and supplier. In America it is still referred to as a backhoe, even though the term 'backhoe' refers to one component.

A four wheel drive system was incorporated into the backhoe loaders in 1970 by Hy-Dynamic, now a division of Bucyrus-Erie. This four wheel drive system allows the machine to go over almost any terrain with little difficulty.

TLB Hire | TLB Rental | TLB Hire Company | TLB Rental Company Backhoe loaders are very common and can be used for a variety of tasks: Light transportation, small demolitions, landscaping, paving of roads, construction and breaking asphalt. The backhoe bucket can also be replaced with a few attachments such as a breaker, grapple, stump grinder and auger.

Many backhoes has a quick coupler mounting systems and auxiliary hydraulic circuits for making the attachment mounting easier, increasing the machine's utilization on the job site. Some of the backhoe's loader buckets have a retractable bottom, making it easier to empty it's load more quickly and efficiently. The retractable bottom is also used for grading and scraping. You can also replace the bucket with other devices and tools.

TLB Hire | TLB Rental | TLB Hire Company | TLB Rental Company
Because the design of the backhoe is top-heavy and the swinging weight of the backhoe could cause it to tip over, most machines use hydraulic outriggers at the back when digging and lower the loader bucket for additional stability.

The backhoe-loaders small frame and precise control make it very useful and common in urban engineering projects suck as construction and repairs.

The compact size makes the backhoe-loader one of the most popular vehicle.